Hello and welcome to my show reel page!

Here you will find my current and older reels, resumes, and shot lists, as well as a few other recent projects not included in the show reels.  Enjoy!


2018 Show Reel


2012 Show Reel


2010 Show Reel


2008 Demo Reel

All work done over the 4 years that I was a modeling lead for Speedshape, Inc.


Previous works / Freelance:

tyFlow Chain Sim Test

So the long-awaited PhysX plugin for 3dsmax, tyFlow, came out.  I did a quick test.  Grainy render done on my laptop ~1min/frame.  Sim only took a couple of minutes.  Lots of fun!


Specialized S-Works Exos Shoe Spot

Specialized S-Works Exos Shoe spot. This was created for Specialized by Motion Design Inc. I was in charge of modeling and texturing the shoe from photos. The model and texture took about 3 days.


W.I.P. – Virus Skin

This is a WIP render of the top layer of a multi-layer effect which uses 100% procedural texturing and shading all within 3dsmax.  No 3rd-party plugins, scripts, or renderers/displacement.  There are veins aggressively growing underneath this layer which pulsate, carrying a toxin which immediately and cumulatively affects the skin.  I wanted to see how neat of an effect I could get using just the stock software since most of what we do in Max requires a plethora of scripts and plugins in order to be achieved.  I have plans for future effects to be layered on this, as well as the underlying surfaces.  Stay tuned!

And here is the second layer underneath the top skin layer.  This uses 100% procedural texturing and shading all within 3dsmax. No texture maps, 3rd-party plugins, scripts, or renderers/displacement. The veins aggressively grow and pulsate, carrying a toxin which immediately and cumulatively affects the skin. Since I am only using vanilla 3dsmax and scanline renderer, I was limited by the available render passes and had to come up with a tricky comp in order to achieve the desired look and feel. 90% of this will be covered up by the top layer anyways, but I wanted to have some fun and detail it out anyways. All compositing done in Fusion 9 using a beauty pass, diffuse, spec, matID, and alpha pass. No additional channels were used. Now to get on with the decay effect and put it all together…

This is the comp breakdown of the bottom skin vid.  Enjoy!

Early WIP of the top layer’s decaying ash-type effect.  Lots left to do.  Still 100% vanilla 3dsmax and Fusion.


Cloth Following a Path with Sharp Turns

I wanted to make a cloth sim closely follow a path, collide with the center object, and not let inertia take over and fling it all over the place due to the speed and sharp turns.  I would probably take this into a particle system next and emit smoke from it or something fancy for an even cooler effect.  The first attempt was hilariously bad because the sudden turns caused the cloth to go insane. I think I figured out a way to have the best of both worlds here in a worst-case scenario without any vertex selection tedium. It’d need a second pass with better settings to prevent the inner-penetrations. I just did a quick setup for this test.
and  quick render with motion blur…

“Hydroflow” – Motion Design, Inc – Specialized

This project involved modeling the bottle,  as well as creating blends for the sealed cap.  I also hand-modeled the “hero” shards of glass to ensure that the models were free from any problematic-reflection-causing mesh errors.

“Dissident Helmet Spot” – Motion Design, Inc – Specialized

This project involved modeling everything, UV mapping the carbon fiber shell with zero-tolerance for stretching, and generating alpha, displacement, and normal maps for the mesh grilles.